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No matter how strong we are or believe ourselves to be, we are most times unavoidably faced with the desire to quit. Most time when we feel something we used to love isn’t as perfect anymore or isn’t winning anymore, we often find it easier to drop it and walk away. The real questions are;
-was winning ever about finishing first?
-was winning about getting a pat on the shoulder, a trophy or a medal?
-was winning about getting rich?
-was winning about getting your face in a magazine?
You may never finish first. You wouldn’t get a pat on the back all the time. You might not earn medals or trophies…So you are just going to toss in the towel and leave because it isn’t perfect. Would you just give up on a marriage or friendship because that person is not perfect anymore? Would you bury that dream because it easy as easy as you wanted it to be? If it was all about perfection, finishing first and getting a trophy; you lost before you even started. Let me introduce you to winning;
-Winning is finishing
-Winning is pulling yourself to cross that finish line even when you body tells you, you can’t
-Winning is knowing that no matter what storm came, no matter what anyone said or did, no matter what was thrown at you, you kept running and you finished.
What is that dream you have? What is that project you are passionate about? It may not be perfect yet, you may feel alone and unsupported on your venture, but I challenge you to finish. Trust me there is no feeling greater than that which you have when you know you defied every obstacle to get to where you are at. Sugar cane is sweetest at the joint, the joint is the hardest part to chew and yet the sweetest. Take your eyes off other runners and focus on your race…there will always be an urge to quit, but don’t. Sometimes you will have to lose to win again…You may slip many time…Come what , run to finish…Finish your race…that will make you a winner…Be an inspiration to someone, show them you finished even with a broken limb. It was never about finishing first…winning was about finishing…finish on your goals, dreams, education, and everything you set out to accomplish…that’s true winning…

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