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In the past decade, Young African entrepreneurs have been reshaping Africa. From the movie, fashion, to agricultural industry, Africans have been making headlines.
The growth in technology and innovation in education has made room for the growth of many young entrepreneurs in Africa. Instead of finishing school to wait in line for white collar jobs, many Africans have decided to take their fates into their own hands and become their own bosses.

Cameroon is no exception to this progress. Despite the problems we face as a country, a good number of youths are determined to own businesses. The creation of the Ministry of Small and Medium Sized Enterprises in Cameroon was to promote this entrepreneur spirit in Cameroon. Groups and institutions like Harambe Cameroon, Computer and Entrepreneurship Development Center, Douala Cameroon, Youth Action Africa, SIPEC (Sherai’s Initiative for Promoting Entrepreneurs in Cameroon) and others are encouraging the growth of entrepreneurs in Cameroon. Recently Alain Nteff left everyone dumbfounded. Alain Nteff, a young dynamic social entrepreneur from Cameroon and founder of Gifted Mom is the grand prize winner of the 4th annual Anzisha Prize Award. 22 year old Alain Nteff developed an app to help reduce the mortality of pregnant women. Anjong Young Farmers Group, based in Cameroon, was created to focus on the production and recycling of palm oil products and animal feed bi-products, such as organic manure, bio gas, and bio diesel from sludge. It also produces soap and works in the area of reforestation.

There is a wind of progress sweeping through Africa. Will you be part of it or will you sit and complain about the government. Innovation starts with identifying small problems in our local communities and stepping in to bridge the gap. If others have done so, then you can. Yes you! Education as we mistake it is not to place you in air conditioned offices, but to train you to think independently. The government and even God will not do for us what we must do for ourselves. Have you a dream or vision? Have you a project in mind? This blog is meant for you. We are out to encourage warriors in our generation. Take the first step towards creating your own business, and in the process provide jobs for the unemployed. The government may have turned its back on us, but we still have the power to determine out fates.

Yes there are many challenges to be faced, but there is no reward without risk. It has been stated that small businesses in Cameroon face challenges such as:

  • The World Bank’s Doing Business Report for 2013 points out that starting a business in Cameroon is still a cumbersome process that requires five steps and it takes an average of 15 days.
  •  Doing Business Report further ranks Cameroon one of the worst countries among those evaluated in terms of enforcing a contract or the burden of tax payments.
  • It is difficult for young entrepreneurs to access credit to start their businesses.
  • Infrastructure in Cameroon still needs substantial improvement.  Poor roads and unreliable electricity constitute major constraints on businesses. 
  • Cameroon has very low internet penetration.  In an era when the Internet defines international competition, Cameroon’s rate hovers at less than 5%. 
  • Finally, entrepreneurs may be asked to pay a bribe relating to any aspect of their business.

However, these challenges should not deter you from starting your own business. Every problem has a solution. As the African proverb goes: if you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together. Being part of a team like this one is a good start. Discussing these challenges with like minded persons provides a great support system. Despite everything that your government or your local organizations do to help encourage business, ultimately it is you, the young entrepreneurs, who have to take the initiative.  I am sure Cameroonian young entrepreneurs can overcome these challenges in good stride. The world is growing in technology and innovation. We may not have tapped into it, because we are still in the dark. Cameroon as a country void of wars, natural disasters, or harsh climatic conditions provides a great atmosphere for business. There are hundreds of opportunities to look into beyond the conventional things we are accustomed to. There is a great world of opportunities just within your reach.

We are devoted to walk you through the process of becoming your own boss. We will show you how to pick a business idea, come up with a feasible plan and how to present it for a loan or to prospective investors. We provide a forum for discussion and interaction. We will open your eyes to various small businesses which are very feasible in Cameroon. We are also here to market you projects and initiatives. Do you have a talent you are developing? We would help you with the presentation and marketing of your talent. Change begins with you. Let’s join hands and build a great future. We are open to questions, ideas and encourage networking. Be the change you want. Live out your dreams.

The Entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity.”

Peter Drucker


  1. very interesting what you've said but please do you really think Cameroonians can entrepreneur their way to a brighter future?

    1. Dear Clauvis I am convinced they can. It starts with the right mentality and a sense of responsibility to self...We must start from somewhere...Believing and exploring our environment to our advantage is possible...With the right coaching, mindset and support I believe Cameroon can produce great entrepreneurs...


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