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What is important to you? What takes priority in your life? These are questions we should ask ourselves every step of the way. I strongly believe the problems in marriages, institutions and the world as a whole is that we as humans have forgotten what is important. As a person, a parent, a leader we are always faced with the challenge of deciding what is important. Most times we will even have to go far as sacrificing our comforts, ego and dogmas to stand up for what is important. You will ask ‘Isn’t importance subjective?’ Of course it is. However subjective it may be, just as every normal human is in build with the knowledge of good and evil, so are we empowered with the ability to make good judgment and right choices.

Is sabotaging an idea to prove you were right more important than working for the greater common good? Is making you kids do just what you want them to do more important than supporting them down the road to discovering their own abilities? Is attacking another culture to feel superior or victimized more important than working to rid society of evil irrespective of what color, tribe or nation it has? Think about it. We have to go back to what is important. In Cameroon, several people have been left homeless because their buildings were condemned and destroyed. There are flooded roads in Bamenda hindering business and farming. Youths are jobless, it is a cry for help. We seem to be moving backward instead of forward. I ask my leaders bitterly what is important; Your bank account or the good of the people. I ask my people what is important.

As Cameroonians, where do we go from here? Yes government has failed us. Is laying back and talking about what’s wrong more important than finding what is right? A government I believe is not the office buildings and suited individuals in them. A government is a people, formed by people standing for a people. I strongly believe a time comes that a people rally together in brotherhood to seek for their interests when a greedy and corrupt government fails them. What is important in this era for us as a people is brotherhood. We have to go back to the community level. Communities have to rally up to create schools, hospitals and business enterprises for themselves. As university students, you ought not to just acquire knowledge in your field of expertise but strive towards independent thinking. Graduates should bring their great minds together to start of future enterprises. Small businesses should work together to get to the next level. At the end of the day; when our leaders forget what is important, we as a people will realize what is important and keep fighting for it. A wise woman once said the little we each do is like tiny little droplets but all those come together to make an ocean. If we do not stand together as a people, we would all suffer together as fools. WHAT IS IMPORTANT…when we figure that out, we stand for it!

God Bless you!

Stay you!

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