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While in high school, I did a holiday program at a local radio station. This program united many great young minds. One day after our slot, we sat down and chatted as usual. We were talking of great men and how we aspired for great things. As we described our aspirations, a senior from the group said this, “A lot of people today talk of greatness. The market and rooms of young people are flooded with books on success, greatness and so on. It is easier to ask for the glory but not the labor.” How right, so right.

As I went through school with my friends, we build great dreams. We often talked about the glory that will come with the greatness we desired; one thing we missed out was the journey. The journey to true greatness is not paved with roses or feathers. We did not foresee: entrance examinations we will fail, friends we will lose, loved ones who will depart, doors that will be shut on us, heart breaks, days we would feel like giving up, applications that will be tossed in the trash can, depression, and all the challenges life will throw at us. Our dream of greatness was our focal point.

What is life without a dream? What is life without hope? Our lives are like tides; like waves of water it sways up and it sways down. The tears and laughter all blend into our living. Do you have a dream? Don’t let it die. You deserve to have the world see your dream. Did you bury or kill your dream? You can dig it up and let it live. Life is like a coin, on one side is good and on the other ugly. From time to time each side shows its face. If we have to give up and surrender after every single blow life throws at us, then we will permanently live down and under. In the boxing ring, the greatest winners are those who take blows and are still determined to stay up and keep fighting. We all have a champion somewhere in us and we just don’t know it yet. The storms in our lives come to unlock the champion in us. When you fall, rise and keep on moving till you make it, you become a champion to someone and you plant a champion in that person.



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The world is one word,

One place

Held by a single cord

A beautiful fabric,

One of many colors

One race;

It’s called humanity

When the sun

Gazes on the earth,

It sees neither white

Black or brown

But the color of the world

The beauty of nature

And the purity

 Of humanity

The sun knows no color,

The rain no race

The wind whispers to all

Humanity is a beautiful rainbow

In love,

We must embrace

The difference

That yet makes us one

by Hilda S. Ndenecho



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One day I sat for a lecture and as the lecture went on, I watched a couple of my mates constantly on their phone, IPods, and Laptops. It really was not a pleasant sight in my mind. I go back to occasions where I sat with friends and family and was alienated from them, because I was focused on my phone or computer. I remember when I just joined facebook. I actually spent more time there talking with people who really I did not know much about to notice I was alienating myself from real people. The big question is; are we humans becoming slaves to Gadgets?
How much time do you spend on social media, your phone, laptop or other gadgets? Is your commitment to unreal relationships on social media affecting your relationship with real people? Are you becoming an addict to your gadget? Gadgets are quite helpful and good, but how we use them can determine if they benefit or mar us.
I do remember a time when people actually talked to each other; and not to gadgets. I remember when families ate and talked together at the dinner table and not shared meals with a play station or laptop. I remember kids playing with each other outdoors; a good thing which kept them in shape and enhanced their communication and social skills. Today our children lie all day on the couch playing computer games; and we wonder why obesity is on the rise. What happened to men and women courting; the simple walks in the moonlight, a simple meal prepared from the heart; today it is long skype calls and gifts from Amazon. Think of someone with 2000friends on Facebook and no friend in real life.
It is time we think and adjust our lives so as much as we enjoy the convenience of our gadgets; we will not be slaves to them though. Make out time to talk with real people. Get of the computer and experience the beautiful world around you. Don’t wake up one day and realize you devoted more time to your gadgets than people who really cared about you.
God Bless!
Stay You!



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I am Prince Michael Ngwese Ekosso. I was born on the 17th July 1974 at Victoria Limbe to Gerard Stephen Maliva Ekosso and Mary Enobi Nonge. On 19th December 2009 God united me with my better half Ekosso Mekolle Linda at the Apostolic Church Cameroon, Obili Congregation. I am today a proud father to Princess Ngwese Kelly-Marie Nonge Ekosso and Prince Austin-James Maliva Ekosso.

You may be wondering, who exactly is Prince Ngwese Ekosso? I am a national speaker, evangelist, teacher and adviser. I am President and founder of United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP), the Vice President of Cameroon Field Extension Mission (CAFEM), and Pioneer President of Cameroon Pace Setters Association (CPSA) an all encompassing network of Godly young leaders of Cameroon with the aim of impacting this generation with godly principles for sustainable societal change. I am an inspired writer, communicator and constitutionalist, I seek to inspire youths across Cameroon to discover their God given personal and collective purpose so they might develop their true potential.

I have upon me a strong call to serve my nation as the president of Cameroon and to serve the present and future generations of humanity towards the redefinition of concepts and principled centered approach in discovering, releasing and maximizing God given potential trapped in every human. I intend to challenge Cameroonians to protect and cultivate principles that will enable them bring forth the best in their generation.

Educationally, I have these milestones under my belt;

I am currently doing a Master degree in International Development

I am also currently working as Business Developer with Media Press Africa and as a Cultural Guide with the National Museum in Yaoundé, under the Ministry of Arts and Culture (MINAC), Yaoundé.

Diploma in Project Management and Impact Analysis (UPAC, Yaounde)

Certificate in Youth Radicalization, Extremism and Human Security (Institute for Security Studies, Addis Ababa)

BA in Social Studies and International Relations (UPAC, Yaounde)

Diploma in Advanced Leadership and Practical theology (CLS, Namibia)

Certificate in Biblical Entrepreneurship (Nehemiah Project international)

Certificate in constitutional law and election management in Africa (ICLA)

Certificate in Application of Human Rights Law in University Milieu (IFCD)

Certificate of International and Holistic Development and Communications (IUDI)

Certificate in Integral Missions and Development (Micah Network International)

Understanding Law and Political Sciences (University of Yaounde 2 SOA)

In terms of leadership and politics;

11th October1992: Followed SDF rally train and attended campaign rally in Omnisport in Yaoundé where I was almost killed.

1997: Participated in corridor debates on the rights of the youths into politics in Cameroon

2001 – 2005: Pastoral Leadership with the Apostolic Church in Cameroon

2002- 2007: Founder and President of Young Christian Leaders Association

2006 -2008: Founder and President of Prayer for the Nation Network

2008 – Present: Founder and President of United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP)

5th September 2011: Legalization of United Socialist Democratic Party (USDP), with Authorization N°: 0000403/D/MINATD/DAP/SDE/SPP of 5th September 2011

1st January 2015: Elected as Pioneer President of Cameroon Pace Setters Association (CPSA)

I have also been fortunate to visit and learn from countries such as;

-          Angola

-          Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC)

-          Germany

-          Namibia

-          Nigeria

-          South Africa

I am a humble visionary with a strong interest in transforming young minds, and helping young people recognize the potential within them to be great in their own homeland. Cameroon suffers a lot from brain drain which will not happen if it encourages the adequate use of its own to foster its growth. I did not get into politics for personal reasons, but because of the strong call I have in my heart to better my Nation. It is my wish that we as a country grow above where we are. I am doing my part as a Cameroonian, I hope others will as well.

God Bless Cameroon,

By Prince Michael Ngwese Ekosso


Don’t let the feeling die

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A bell is not a bell until somebody rings it.
A song is not a song until some one sings it
A book is not a book until someone reads it
A road is not a road until someone traverses it
A talent is not a talent until someone discovers it
A legend is not a legend until someone creates it
A heroine is not a heroine until someone risks it
A history is not a history until someone makes it
Love is not love until someone recognizes it
Friendship is not friendship until someone finds it
Please don’t let the feeling die.
If you have a bell, ring it
If you have a song, sing it
If you have a book, write it
If you have a road, traverse it
If you have talents, let it be discovered
If you want to be a legend, create a legend
If you want to be a heroine, risk it
If you want to be in history, make it
If you want love, recognize love
If you want a friend, be a friend.
When you find all of these, I’ll be here to show it to the world.
The world wants new extraordinary people, don’t let that feeling die
Let the feeling flow.

By Hilda S. Ndenecho

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