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Let’s fight for Africa and preserve the uniqueness or our heritage and culture. Other continents are known for what makes them unique. Let Africa be known for its uniqueness and not for being a culture copycat.
Taking a look at all the countries in Africa, it is evident that Africa is blessed with natural resources, great minds and hardworking people. However, some African’s are still under the illusion of greener pastures out of Africa and it would not be strange to see a master’s degree holder working as a security guard in Dubai.
Let’s continue to be true to ourselves and let people love us for who we really are.
Now a day, some indigenes of Africa go to eat at restaurants and have no idea of the food they just ordered because the names do not sound familiar. Let us continue to call fried potato by its name instead of confusing people with names such as French fries. Better still; let’s call it Cameroon fries, Ghanaian fries, Kenyan fries or African fries because it was fried in Africa and not in France.
Looking at creativity, we have great musicians, actors, actresses, painters, designers….. but we as Africans sometimes fail to promote our own. Some of us are fond of praising foreign artist and insulting African artist.
Taking a look at immigration, we have some Africans who have given up on life, because they were denied a visa to go to Europe, USA, Canada or Australia. It is also sad to see youths die in the sea or do funny things to get a green card, or enter a foreign land.  Success is found in us, and not necessarily in a country.  Furthermore, there is a massive exodus of youths out of Africa to other countries that took time to develop themselves such as India, China and Dubai. If we take time to invest in develop our continent, we would also attract youths from other countries as well.
 Let Africans at home and abroad invest in Africa even if they do not live to see the fruits of their labor, for the great nations we see today were not built in a day. Let us also promote our own and believe in ourselves.
We should have love for our continent, copy what will bring development to our continent while upholding its moral values and diversified culture for that is what makes us unique and proud as Africans. God bless Africa.

By Nahbila Venessa



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Today I lie on my bed; I am exhausted and tired, I feel out of options, I feel like giving up, so many things going through my mind; so I choose to fly away…How? I choose to look at the lessons and not the problems…I can choose to die today, I can choose to cry today, I can choose to give up today, but I won’t…Why? The fibers of my being derived from the heritage of my roots keep kicking and as such there is always a fight left in me. Someone has been where I am, someone had been where you are; and today they are smiling and telling beautiful inspirational stories. I see my story, I see my inspiration, I see tomorrow coming with the sun…I will not hide or run…I will not shrivel and die…Where I am is part of a great story…where you are is part of a great story…Please do not give up…I am here and I am just like you…the world might not work for us today, but someday it will…Do not embrace depression…Do not embrace defeat…When all the storms blow away, you will have a beautiful story to tell…I am where you are and I am writing for all the people in the world who are where I am…; tired, weak and struggling…Your warrior is alive…Don’t stop fighting…You are not alone…Someone’s been where you are….


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