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-Two kids grow in the same house; one becomes an armed robber and the other a Lawyer.
-Two kids raised in the slums, one turns to drugs, another becomes an entrepreneur.
-Two leaders of a developing country, one a visionary and another corrupted
-Two university graduate, one turns to scamming and another scouts endlessly for opportunities…
Why would people granted equal resources by life end up with different outcomes? What is the distance between good and evil…? The answer is simple, we have the power of choice…we have to choose. Young Africans must realize that there are consequences to their choices. It is often easier to play the blame game or follow the wrong crowd under the guise of one’s circumstances. Our leaders have failed us by making poor choices, why should we fail ourselves by making even poorer choices. Someone at some point has to be accountable and take responsibility.
Young Africans today will lead tomorrow. What choices will you make? Will you follow the madding crowd and cover up with excuses? Or will you brave the odds and chose the torturous path to a remarkable end? There are no trophies for excuses, but there are rewards for formidable choices. I challenge young Cameroonians in these hard times to make good choices. In a scanty job market, you could choose to be an entrepreneur, you could choose to develop yourself into a leader and motivator, you could choose to be an agent of change. Do not embrace the beer bottle, scamming, prostitution or armed robbery. Choices have consequences. In times like this we the youths who have been failed by our government, have to come together and help ourselves. We have to take up the task of facilitating the change we desire. We have to challenge ourselves; study, learn from others, set realistic visions and goals. Our dreams lies within the boundaries of our choices, so we must choose wisely.


  1. Great write up here. I believe this article will shape the lives of many. Majority of the youths today, fail because they lack such a mentality. People generally think there is someone who will change their lives one day. It can only happen when you set your self into action .
    ''Take responsibility for your life.

    1. That's true! We as youth's have to stop using the mistakes of our leaders as a crutch and start making choices which would provide us with the future we so desire....'change will only come when we are first accountable to ourselves and then to the people we serve.'

  2. You 're a great thinker for tomorrow's generation!
    Be blessed for the encouragement words.


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