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Junk yard investment

Once in a while make a trip to the junk yard. Take a seat at some corner and then take a look at all the items you find there;

-that old raggedy shoe was once a die for

-some one worked two jobs and got a rise in blood pressure to get that old computer lying there.

-some one stole and killed to get the old out of use car now lying there in a hundred different pieces.

-a home got broken because of some of this junk.

-some one sold his or her soul for what you see lying there.

-a nation has been destroyed in one way or another for this junk.

-friendships were lost forever so one day this junk yard will get more…

-even the soil on which it lies still suffers from this junk.

  I can’t tell you all the horrible things we must have done to get the many things that have ended in this place. Most at times we always go to wrong places for answers. If you want a good meeting with yourself, visit the junk yard; visit the cemetery. These places can tell you truths you will find nowhere else in the world. The junk yard tells us the worthless things we have allowed take priority in our lives. We pursue junk so badly that; love, friendship, family, and most important healthy living have lost their values in our lives.

  Go to the cemetery and look at all those people. They once had life like you. They had many goals and they planned the future as though life were never to end. Death is our inevitable fate. Life as long as we choose to see it is very, very short. That is not the bad news; the bad news is that we have chosen to spend this short and precious life investing in junk. We want to buy everything; we want to have everything. Most of what we stress to get only ends up in the junk yard. I hold nothing against material possessions, but there are things worth fighting for that would not end up in the junk yard; love, friendship and family. These things live on even after we die. These are things worth protecting. Do not replace these things with vanities that will be trash in a short time.

  Life is so beautiful. Let us fight to uphold it. All the treasures of this world put together can not measure up to a single life. Human life is eternal. What will it profit a man to have all the world can offer and lose his soul?

  When our leaders realize that the people under them come before all the junk they so much desire; our land will change. When we the people realize we are worth more than junk, we shall unite to build a nation that will not be broken. Our lives are short, but we can make the best of it by protecting values that will last. We can make the best of it by investing in lives and not junk. Our bodies are junk. Some day it goes to dust. Our souls are priceless treasures. They are worth protecting. Do not corrupt your soul! Nothing can be worst.

Whenever you visit the junk yard, ask yourself this' Is this where I invest my God given resources and life time?' You got the answer.

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