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Life Lesson

Inner Conversation


Spread your wings and fly...

-Because you hurt so much, you will learn to love so much.
-Because you lacked so much, you will learn to give so much.
-Because no one else believed in you, you learnt so much to believe in yourself.
-Because so much was taken from you, you fought hard to be somebody.
-Because someone turned their back on you, you know better than to turn your back on someone else.
-Because someone took you voice away, you have learnt to be someone else voice.
-Because no one listened to you, you learnt to offer your ears to someone else.
-When they held you down, you refused to stay down.
-When they counted you out, you refused to stay out.
-The storms developed the eagle in you and now you soar above the clouds.
-Where are you at?
  -Has some one turned their back on you?
  -Has someone told you your dream is a joke?
  -Has someone thrown your ideas into the trash?
  -Is someone holding you down?
You could stay down and be crushed, or you could let out the eagle in you. When all other birds die in or evade the storm, the eagle flies above the clouds, above the storms. Pain, disappointment and trials push us to grow beyond our zone of comfort. Instead of whining, hating and complaining, open up to growth. There are certain pains and instances in our lives we would never be able to get rid of, but we have the ability to grow above the pain. Will the pain be there? Yes, but you can grow to be elevated above the pain. Growth will increase your ability and strength so what hurt so bad yesterday will feel like tickles today. Do not see your storm as an excuse to back down, view it as a push for growth. When someone walks out on you, bid them well, they are making room for better people in your life. To mature, your associations have to mature with you. Has someone told you it cannot be done? It’s time to move on and get it done…Let go of the world you are hanging on to and fly…spread your wings and fly….
Stay you!
God Bless!

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