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We always console ourselves that we are waiting for the right moment; we often convince ourselves we are waiting for the; right time, right person, right job, right opportunity. What if we have had the right moment with us all along? What if we missed that special moment because our eyes were fixed looking for a right moment? I have grown to realize the so called right moment we claim we are looking for is just an excuse and consolation for not embracing the perfect moment within our reach. Human discontent has carved us into a niche where we have come to believe that things out of our reach will make us happy. What exactly is ‘right’?
-You are desperately looking for Mr. and Mrs. Perfect and yet you put that one person who loves you most in the friend zone.
-We don’t tell people we love them or care about them until they die.
-You have someone whose forgiveness you badly need and you are waiting to be on your dying bed before you do so.
-You have a dream and a gift to share with the world, and you excuse yourself for not fighting hard enough with it’s not the right time excuse.
-You are looking for a perfect friend, and ignoring all the people sacrificing for you.
We sometimes feed off the discontent of feeling that we are not within the perfect milieu; such is a very dangerous assumption. Most times we are just afraid or uncertain to grab what is already within our reach. If we accustom ourselves with the ‘not right yet’ excuse, we not only embrace laziness but soon embrace envy of those who embrace what within their reach. Humanity is gifted with an ability to create. Everything around us is a tool, a symbol and an asset. We have the power to create. We can create the right opportunities, and moments in our lives. Embrace yourself with all your flaws and the world will do same. Shape yourself into the person you love to be; do it for you first. You are just right; show that to the world. Be the right person; then you will realize the right moments, opportunities and right persons for your life. Crawl out of that bubble of discontent and be grateful enough to embrace what you already have.
Stay you!
God Bless!

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