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Cameroon Dream Builders is proud to present to you one of our upcoming entrepreneur and educator in he diaspora. We present a young fellow who has taken the stand to make it in Cameroon and also mentor young people on how to make it in the difficult economy. We hope his story inspires others who wonder if it is possible to challenge this economy in which we find ourselves.
-          Please can you tell us a bit about yourself?
I am Angu  Ransom. Born in Bamenda , Cameroon North west Region Of Cameroon.
My major concerns about my country are ;
Education, self-made ideas and innovation.
This had been my target for 3 years now.
-          As a young Cameroonian in a difficult economy, what drove you towards entrepreneurship?
      The increase in unemployment, search for greener pastures (bush falling) and above all scamming are the main things that set me to think like an entrepreneur.
 Among this included the use of social media by Cameroonians.
-          What projects have you embarked on?
My first project was ‘’Teaching where there are no laboratories’’. A project aimed at teaching the Cameroon child to use products in Cameroon for his benefit.
   This project is still in progress because of the lack of resources due to some circumstances.
Other projects include;
-Starting up 2545bc a consulting company in Limbe Cameroon.
and other digital projects.
-At the moment, I am working on a  platform that will link experts from different fields on a site(in progress). These experts will be able to offer coaching services to Cameroonians, Africans and others.
   This project is an extension of ‘’Knowing the Real You program’’.
-I am also working on an educational platform that will feature educational articles-library-books , journals among others.   
-          What challenges have you faced so far on your journey as an entrepreneur and how have you faced those challenges?
The major challenge is getting a team to work with. The mentality ‘’of profit before risk’’ from those I encounter makes it difficult for me to move along with others.
-          Do you have any regrets choosing to be an entrepreneur?
No regrets. I love being an entrepreneur and looking forwad to create more entrepreneurs in Cameroon with my ‘’knowing the real you program’’ soon to be launched.
-          Have you any mentors or people who inspire you to do what you do?
None for now. I got engaged in entrepreneurship because of the nature of things in my Country(Scamming, unemployment, bush falling).  The why to all these problems had been my primary motivation?
-          If the government were to assist young entrepreneurs in Cameroon, how could they help?
I think creating events like the Mandela Washington fellowship can be a way to assist entrepreneurs. The best entrepreneurs in Cameroon are not well renowned and such events will expose the ‘’big brains’’.
-Creating low interest loan schemes for startups can also be a great way to assist entrepreneurs.
-Organizing seminars and forums on entrepreneurship can be a great way to assist entrepreneurs
-          What advice do you have for your young brothers and sisters out there struggling with conventional education?
Formal education is a just a  ‘’need’’ like food, water etc.  We all need it .But only not everyone is using it. Given the fact that Cameroon is a low income country, not every youth is opportune to get formal education. If you are chance to get it, blend it with your ideas(informal educations) and save the country, than writing  piles of CVs.
-          Finally, in a country with a lot of pessimists and resistance towards change, what advice do you give to young persons who look forward to owning their own businesses?
      Setting clear goals before starting up a business in Cameroon is very important.
This will help in ignoring the criticisms and other challenges you will encounter.
Many youths like success but are not aware of the challenges involve in achieving success.
In every thing you do ,  bear in mind that there challenges. Consider the success you thought of before starting ,this is what will drive you to work harder in your start up and finally ‘’be a boss’’


  1. I am so impressed to read great words from this ''little guy''. so cute,intelligent and above all productive. I believe many Cameroonians will benefit from him in the future. You rock Ransom

  2. This is great. God's abundant grace and blessings...

  3. Many respect to you sir. Please have you ever met this guy? Everytime i set a meeting with him, he will always say ''Lets chat on whatsApp or skype''
    Please how can we meet sir?

    1. Yes, i have met him, but he has so many commitments so i suggest you chat on skype and when you have any business to do with Ransbiz, he will set up a meeting

  4. God bless you for all your ideas. We are looking forward to enjoy your achievements. Good luck Ransom


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