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PAIN (Why do we suffer?)

What is pain? Why do we go through pain? For many years, I like many others have asked myself this question. Is pain our punishment? Is pain aimed at making us miserable? Does pain make us bad? Do we deserve pain? What is pain? Why should we feel pain? As I have pondered over the years, I have learned a lot from pain itself.
The author of the Countess of Sedgwick states that "What is the purpose of suffering, if not to enable us realize the suffering in others." I will help guide you to answering the above questions. Why will a kid who has the world handed to him on a golden platter find it difficult holding a job or business while a struggling kid from the slums build a multi-million dollar business from scratch? Why will citizens born in the United States complain of the economy so much and some immigrant from Sudan goes there and becomes rich? Why has it been noticed in our school that the rich kids are often average to dull while the poor ones are bright? Why are the most devoted workers those who went through hundred of interviews till one person gave them a chance? Why are the best stories written by people with sad stories? Why does the greatest talent sprout out of the mud? Look around you and ask these questions. The answers to all the above questions boil down to pain. There are two things pain can do to you;
-Pain could scar and leave you bitter for life or
-Pain could motivate you towards change. Pain births a desire for change.
Where it hurts most, is where your dreams and goals will be birthed. The failures and setbacks in our lives present us with opportunities to learn, to change and to terminate certain relationships. Life is a battle and like every other; when we lose, we retreat and strategize. Our ability to feel pain and realize pain in others, gives us our humanity. Any area of your life that is hurting is telling you there are lessons and wisdom to be gained. Our pain will grant us wisdom, growth, challenge and improve us, if we realize the lesson to be learned. Are you in debt, poverty, out of school, on the verge of giving up or even contemplating suicide; don’t. You are where you are for a reason, you dream and goal is where you are at the moment. My joblessness as a young graduate birthed my dream to be an employer and to encourage Cameroonians like myself to do same. My personal setbacks in life have birthed stories, poetry and motivation. Pain is never easy…We all hurt at certain points in our life. I do not know your pain, but one thing I know is; because time keeps passing, so will your pain. What will your pain do to you? Will it make you a bitter person or will it make you a better person? Will it make you a fighter or will it make you a quitter? Will it make or will it mar you? Will it birth your dreams or will it kill your dreams?


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