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As a child, we are thought to see what the entire world has to offer us; but as we mature, we have to face that hard realization, that we need to offer something to our world and even to ourselves. As a diligent student in secondary school; I was naïve enough to believe good grades at school will open up any career door I wanted. It is a good thing to encourage our young ones to aspire good grades, degrees and certificates. However, what do they do when even a 4GPA can’t get them a job, what do they do when the world the look up to for so much turns its back on them? For two years, I carried my certificate on a fruitless job hunt. It was then it dawn on me, that our obstacles present us with opportunities. It was at this point I realized the plight that continuously lingers in this blessed country of mine. Every year thousands of students finish university to face joblessness. In an economy plagued by corruption and embezzlement, what happens to all these graduates? Will moving abroad solve this problem? How many Cameroonian youths living abroad are actually better off? How many Cameroonian youths living abroad are actually in to legal activities? We know the answers to these questions. Cameroon is our home. If we don’t do anything to change the conditions at home, no one will. We can’t abandon a ship because it is broken. If it is broken, we fix it. It is for this reason I was motivated to come up with the Cameroon Dream Builders. This is a team of Cameroonians determined to have their dreams realized in Cameroon. We are out to inspire, motivate and build entrepreneurs who would provide jobs for the many graduates out there. We welcome partners, advisers and members. Change does not come without sacrifice. We are welcoming Cameroonians within and abroad to share in our vision of making Cameroon great. Change is coming. It starts with you, it starts with me.

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