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This article is written based on the contribution of a reader to my blog…I couldn’t help but share it…In his own words;

“Young Cameroonians and even millennia plus young adults need to create a mindset that stimulates growth. Most university and professional graduates hope to seek employment in the civil service or scanty industrial landscape of the country. That alone should be enough to make every job seeker to know the situation of the job market.
Points to take note;

1 Cameroon is bilingual;
This is very important for English speaking Cameroonians. Majority of industries and international organization are found in the eight regions comprising francophone Cameroon. You must be fluent in both languages if you must stand out from the crowd.

2 Give back to the Community;

It’s not only thinking of gaining a job from the government. Yes, there's no doubt that the economic conditions and living standards are very low. However, Cameroonians must think of giving back to the society. Donate to Charity, volunteer and work without pay and build an experience. Learn other skills side-by-side education, and strive to do a part-time job while in school.

3 Revisit your Habits;

It’s not doubt, alcohol is the number one killer of youth potential in Cameroon. Entrepreneurial minds cannot blossom with alcohol infested brains. If young stars dream of a bright future, then we must limit drastically, if not abstain from alcohol consumption.

4 Reading and continuous learning

We must embrace education as the only way out of darkness, and into the glorious light. Reading will teach us new ideas, new habits, and secrets to break through from our present condition. Since politics has failed though the opposition, we must now take individual and small group approaches to change our immediate condition. Such small changes will only give birth to a new nation where development will expand from many directions making the whole landscape a favorable place to be.

 By Lutherking Ngolle E.

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