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It was Saturday. As usual, Mama made lum sweep the yard before going out to play. Lum had been dying to go see Anjikwa. She was eager to show her friend her tooth that had just fallen out. Fortunately, Anjikwa came down to play with Lum.

“Good afternoon aunty,” Anjikwa greeted.

“Good afternoon, my daughter. Lum get some bananas and an orange from the fridge for Anjikwa.” Mama said with a smile. Lum strutted off to get the fruits and Anjikwa marched behind here.

“No playing in the house and no playing with mud or water.” Mama shouted after them. There was no response. She doubted they had heard her at all. Once Anjiwa had eaten her fruits, the girls headed to the back yard.

“What did you want to show me?” Anjikwa asked impatiently. Lum put her hand in her pocket and brought out the tooth. Anjikwa stared at it as if it was gold. Lum then showed her the space of the missing tooth in her mouth.

“Wow that is beautiful. Will you throw the tooth away?” Anjikwa asked.

“No, do you want my tooth never to grow again. My father said I must not let a cock see me smile or my tooth will not grow. Also I must run round the house ten times with the tooth and then through it on the roof for it to grow again.” Lum said.

“That is great. I will do that as well when my tooth falls out so it will grow back.” Anjikwa said excitedly.

“Let us run together so I can throw the tooth on the roof.” Lum said. Both girls then ran round the house ten times and Anjikwa tossed the tooth on the roof.

They then sat on the veranda and played as they sang;

My grandmother is sitting on a chair

She hasn’t heard what the doctor has said

Wupie wupie wupie awup

The time in the morning is six o’clock

We have to go and brush our teeth

Wupie, wupie wupie awup….

As they played, the sun smiled on them and so did life. They later played hop scotch and later eh eh. By sundown, they were both worn out. Atekwana came to call Anjikwa home. Neba who was playing with Atekwana was back as well. 
After a warm bath and a meal of Achu, Lum and Neba sat at Daddy's feet impatiently waiting for him to tell them stories. It was Saturday and daddy had not gone to work, hence he wasn't tired. He was glad to tell them a story.
"Boys and girls are you ready to hear my story?" Daddy asked.
"Yes we are happy to hear your story. What is your story about?" Neba and Lum said simultaneously.
"My story is about Mr Tortoise and Mr Deer. One day, Mr Deer bragged to Mr Tortoise saying he was the fastest in the forest. Mr Tortoise challenge Mr Deer to a contest. Mr Deer knowing how slow Mr Tortoise was, gladly accepted. Before the contest, Mr Tortoise went to his relatives and asked them to hide along the racing track at different stages. During the day of the race, as Mr Deer ran confidently, he kept catching up with Mr Tortoise relatives along the track and they passed off as Mr Tortoise. When Mr Deer got to the finish line, Mr Tortoise himself was already there." Daddy narrated
"Wow Mr Tortoise is very smart."Neba said amazed.
"Yes boy, Mr Tortoise is smart. Sometimes wisdom beats skill or strength." Daddy said.
"Tell us another story daddy." Lum begged.
"Tomorrow my queen.You have to go to bed now." Daddy said. Lum frowned and grumbled. Mama led the kids to their room. She then returned to the sitting room to watch TV with her husband.
Just then Lum screamed. Her frightened parents ran to see what was wrong.
"What did you do to Lum?" Mama asked Neba angrily.
"Mama she kept putting her hands on my head. she was disturbing me from sleeping, so pinched her hand." Neba said confidently as if say Lum got what she asked for.
"Don't cry Lum. Neba do not pinch her again.Now you both go to sleep." Daddy said sternly covering them with the blanket.
Once they were calm, Mama and daddy left. Once they were in the corridor, they heard another scream.
"Oh my! What am I going to do with this child." Mama said tiredly.

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