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As we grow older, our youth becomes a shadow of memories; some good, some bad, some funny. You only come around a particular age once. Youth is beautiful, exuberant and adventurous. Love and embrace it. Laugh, play, explore, but do not forget work. You may be in secondary school, university or what have you; make the best of your time. I know that feel of exploding dreams and looking forward to conquer the world. Parties will come, friends will come and they will go.A day will come and you will gladly wear those robes and be issued degrees. Then you will tell the world, “I have a degree” and the world will ask you, “What can you do?”, “What have you to offer?”

As time evolves, the opportunities out there are evolving as well. The competition is stiffer and bolder steps need to be taken. This generation today will not survive on conventional methods. You might consider that the think out of the box mentality will work; but to survive in these times there has to be no box. The doctor, lawyer, engineer and teacher options are running out. Practice beats theory today. No one has time for long speeches and essays. This generation wants to see. To be relevant today, you will have to bring something to the table and not just come to sustain what is already at the table.

I was raised in a system that encouraged titles and degrees, a system that creates stereotypes, take in and give out. At the end of the day Masters, PhD s do not mean nothing if nothing new is brought to the table. My dear young brothers and sisters; as you travel through school and the vast career world, pick relevance over conventionality. Seek to be mentored by people who bring something new to your community. Do not follow the popular route as only the rich, mighty or lucky usually make best of such routes.
Look within yourself and around you. Dig deep into your abilities and seek scholastic courses that will help you independently nurture your abilities into a necessity. Seek options that will leave you grounded and not just another employee. I know this will sound a little complex, but it is not. I am simply asking you to mold yourself into an asset and not become a government liability. Do not amass academic tittles and certificates that do not enhance or draw out your unique abilities which are necessary to the world.

My simple advice to you young people is;

-Think long and hard before deciding on a career path. Ask questions every step of the way. Inquire how every step will affect the path you choose.

-You need a mentor. Choose mentors who are current. Choose mentors who are flexible and adapt to changes and innovations. Draw up challenges and milestones and be accountable to your mentor every step of the way.

-Strive more towards independent thinking. Stimulate your mind. Look around you at all times and ask relevant questions.

-Enjoy life, laugh, play, explore, be happy, but remain focus, rooted and principled.

-Your choices now will affect your life tomorrow. Have that in mind.

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