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It was a bright day in a small town. This rich fellow was polishing his new ride. As he polished his car, his little son watched from a distance. The curious and adventurous kid decided to join daddy. The kid then got a stone. He got to the other side of the car and began writing. The screeching noise called his dad’s attention. His dad hurried got to the other side and like a flash lost his temper and hit the kid’s hand with his tool. The poor kid screamed as his hand bled out.

While at the hospital, the doctor informed the rich man his son’s fingers were badly damaged and had to be cut off. The man cried bitterly for his son. He felt so guilty. As they drove home after the little boy’s discharge from the hospital, this little boy said looking at his injured hand, “Daddy when will my fingers grow back?” His guilty dad was speechless. Once they got home, this dad got curious. He decided to go see what his son had been carving on his brand new car.

He was astonished to see, “Daddy I love you,” scratched on the car.

“My poor son lost his fingers for loving me,” the man cried. Unable to live with this reality, he took his own life.

How many people in our lives have we scared and hurt for loving us? Many times we unconsciously scar or hurt those who love us unconditionally because; we have wrong priorities, have anger issues, are not patient enough, or do not seek to know the details before acting towards a situation. If only this father had realize his son was more important than a car, if only he had his temper under check, if only he was patient enough to look at what the kid had done before acting…Love unconditionally

God bless!

Stay you!

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