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Everyone seems to want a trophy or a pat in the back nowadays for everything they do. I believe that’s part of what is wrong with the world. Why should you expect some kind of reward for what you are supposed to do? Why should you expect some medal for carrying out your responsibility? Gratitude and appreciation are quite pleasant and necessary. However, these should not necessarily be our motivation towards our responsibilities.
 When a parent starts purposefully expecting some reward for catering for their own kids, or a student expecting some pay for passing their exams, or a teacher expecting a trophy for passing on their knowledge, then that is in itself their reward. When you do what is right and just, and expect praises in return then in all you have failed. How different is such behavior from that of a politician. The give and take mentality is what this is all about. The attitude of calculating how much has to return to you after you do what you have to do is what runs the world today. Can we just love, care and support people because it is our duty and responsibility to do so? Can we work as hard as we can, not for the pat on the back but the difference we can make? Most parents who constantly remind their children they are doing them a favor, are at risk of raising rebels or estranged kids. Those who selflessly devote themselves to care and love their kids; raise adults who not only do the same, but look back with genuine appreciation for the people who put them first. When we start feeling we are doing people favors by loving them or being fair to them, then we have questions to ask ourselves.
A nurse at the hospital will be rude to patients, because she thinks her being there is already a favor. A politician who is suddenly honest expects praises. A rebellious kid who turns honest wants to get a ball. A good doctor wants to be treated like a god. The cycle goes on and on. Everyone is on some kind of eye service and expecting some form of praise or glory. When the praises and medals do not come, all the good work suddenly disappears. Africa is going through a face of growth; yes people will stand in the way of progress. Yes the government might be resistant to the progressive ideas you bring. Yes no one might give you a red feather for the work you do. However, the TRUE AFRICANS who know their responsibility to their home won’t give up easily. Yes no one may seem to see or notice your work, or put you up for an award. If you love your home, then it is you DUTY to improve and push it forward. Someday, when trophies rot and medals are lost, someone will look at the undeletable foot prints on this land; then they will ask, “Whose foot print was that?”Such lives forever. You see what we do for ourselves, will die with us, but what we will do for others will live forever.

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