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Some said let us blame it on God
Some said blame it on race
The world is still ablaze,
From the fire of hate
Yes! The one we people create
When my home was rampaged,
And my people died under rage
With no respect of age,
All I saw was people
No, it was not religion behind the gun
Under the light of the sun,
I saw the fire in your eyes
And felt your hearts cold as ice
You were flesh and blood
You were nothing odd
You lived like us, natives
Some I called friends and relatives
So please let us not pretend,
To see what you defend.
It wasn’t race,
It wasn’t religion.
You find the reasons forever,
Because there was none ever,
When you pulled the knife,
And you took a life,
It was all you
You know that’s true.
Don’t hide cowardice behind religion,          
Because all I see is opinion.
Don’t hide fear behind a gun
Because you fool no one.
Don’t tell me it is about color
Color is one under ‘humane’ law.
At the end when all is done,
We were all victims
Just on different teams
Yours a team without reason
And mine a world wanting to be free.

By Hilda S. Ndenecho

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