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While in high school, I did a holiday program at a local radio station. This program united many great young minds. One day after our slot, we sat down and chatted as usual. We were talking of great men and how we aspired for great things. As we described our aspirations, a senior from the group said this, “A lot of people today talk of greatness. The market and rooms of young people are flooded with books on success, greatness and so on. It is easier to ask for the glory but not the labor.” How right, so right.

As I went through school with my friends, we build great dreams. We often talked about the glory that will come with the greatness we desired; one thing we missed out was the journey. The journey to true greatness is not paved with roses or feathers. We did not foresee: entrance examinations we will fail, friends we will lose, loved ones who will depart, doors that will be shut on us, heart breaks, days we would feel like giving up, applications that will be tossed in the trash can, depression, and all the challenges life will throw at us. Our dream of greatness was our focal point.

What is life without a dream? What is life without hope? Our lives are like tides; like waves of water it sways up and it sways down. The tears and laughter all blend into our living. Do you have a dream? Don’t let it die. You deserve to have the world see your dream. Did you bury or kill your dream? You can dig it up and let it live. Life is like a coin, on one side is good and on the other ugly. From time to time each side shows its face. If we have to give up and surrender after every single blow life throws at us, then we will permanently live down and under. In the boxing ring, the greatest winners are those who take blows and are still determined to stay up and keep fighting. We all have a champion somewhere in us and we just don’t know it yet. The storms in our lives come to unlock the champion in us. When you fall, rise and keep on moving till you make it, you become a champion to someone and you plant a champion in that person.


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