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Life Lesson

Inner Conversation



I hear a cry in Africa
I see tears fall like rain
From dull clouds of pain
Under a bloody sky

I hear a woman’s cry
The sadness in her eyes
Seems to be timeless
Though I see her shout
The words don’t let out
I yearn to know her plight
But it is beyond mere sight
Behind the saddened eyes
Is where it really lies
I reach and touch her heart;
A vision of men dying
Boys and girls slaying,
Foreigners fueling hate
And getting paid,
Stealing in chaos
Reaping from the wars
Tearing a once green land
Now I hear her unsaid words
Mother Africa is bleeding
There is an epidemic
Walking the land
Seizing the strong and weak
It is the plague of greed…

By Hilda S. Ndenecho

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