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Dear Past Self,
 I thank God everyday for having had you. You may not have been everything I wanted, but I still love you. You taught me lessons I will pass to my Future Self. You were my warrior. You conquered battles so my Future self would be better. You took shots for all of us. I can never thank you enough. I thank God for letting me have you. You were my opportunity to learn. Because you shed those tears, my Future Self won’t have to shed them again. Because you made those mistakes, my future self won’t have to make them again. You were hated so my Future Self will be loved. You were disrespected, so my Future Self will be respected.

I know I didn’t love you enough, I am sorry. I know I abused and didn’t appreciate you, I am sorry. I have erased certain painful memories we had together, I hope you understand why I had to do that. I have altered aspects of our lives together; I hope you know why I had to do that. I do not hate you, but I have to leave you behind for my Future Self to live life to the full. I’ll have to let go all the wrong friends you made from bad choices. I’ll have to sever relationships that took much from me and gave me less. I have to discards habits that did us no good. I need to reinvent myself.

Yes, I am shutting the door on my past, but am not totally wiping you out of my life. I’ll be keeping the fighter in you. I’m not letting go perseverance. I’ll always remember the beginning so I remain thankful and humble. I’m taking lessons from your failures and draw backs. I have no regrets, just lessons and experience. It is time to move on, but I can’t take you with me. You belong in my past and I don’t live there anymore. Good bye


Your Present Self.

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