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Life Lesson

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Don’t let the feeling die

A bell is not a bell until somebody rings it.
A song is not a song until some one sings it
A book is not a book until someone reads it
A road is not a road until someone traverses it
A talent is not a talent until someone discovers it
A legend is not a legend until someone creates it
A heroine is not a heroine until someone risks it
A history is not a history until someone makes it
Love is not love until someone recognizes it
Friendship is not friendship until someone finds it
Please don’t let the feeling die.
If you have a bell, ring it
If you have a song, sing it
If you have a book, write it
If you have a road, traverse it
If you have talents, let it be discovered
If you want to be a legend, create a legend
If you want to be a heroine, risk it
If you want to be in history, make it
If you want love, recognize love
If you want a friend, be a friend.
When you find all of these, I’ll be here to show it to the world.
The world wants new extraordinary people, don’t let that feeling die
Let the feeling flow.

By Hilda S. Ndenecho


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