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A word to the African Women…

Dear African women,

Greetings to you wonderful women! Through the years I have watched you and have drawn great inspiration from you. I have held you in esteem for qualities you barely see in yourselves. You have been lovers, care givers, comforters, providers, leaders and unifier. I have deemed you the loveliest women on earth. The purity and honesty in your devotion towards family and community is one to be shadowed by none elsewhere. Thank you for whom you have been and some continue to be.

However, in the passing of time I cry for the African woman. I cry for the gradual fading of the true African woman. I cry for true beauty, I cry for pure love, I cry for decency and I cry because one day there might be no true African woman walking the planet. Oh you daughters of Africa, how can we stay uniquely beautiful when bleaching, fake weaves, eye lenses and other fake accessories are turning us into fake white women. What happened to the African love where a woman fell in love with a man of character, strength and devotion…Today our young African women are chasing money and wealth. What happened to the genuine love by women for not just their families but communities? We were bred to nurture, encourage and enliven our communities. We have no true families left anymore because we want to head the house…What happened to women loving themselves and being confident enough to know a true man is attracted to true beauty and not exposed breasts and thighs?

Feminism and the cry for gender equality have gradually been misinterpreted in our society. I believe in the equality of every human; but then do remember for every ship to sail smoothly, there must be a captain and sailors under that captain. African women have always been powerful, intelligent and innovative. We have basically been the hands that pushed this planet to what it is today. African women have bred giants who have moved the world, and they themselves have moved the world. However, this modernity and altered feminism we are embracing is tearing our values apart. Yes we should be granted rights to all forms of education, all job opportunities and leadership positions. As much as we chose to embrace these things, we should understand that the roles we play in our families make Africa what it is. Does feminism preach that you be boss over your man, that you disrespect authorities…there is a fine line between feminism and being a wife, mother and daughter. The adulterated message of feminism is what destroyed family systems in the west and is now threatening to do same in Africa. Marriage is a partnership of mutual respect. Please African women let us not twist things into making our men play roles meant for us to play….out in our communities, schools and offices, we can conveniently play the same roles as men but back home we can’t…I know you don’t like to hear this, but the heart and mind of a woman and a man are very different, it is for this reason we were designed to play different roles in the life of our children, family and sometimes our communities.

I have seen musicians like Beyonce and Rihanna go naked on stage and at events, they say they do so to empower women. Well I don’t get the message because all I see is women portrayed as sex toys and objectified. Women should be empowered in mind, soul and spirit; not breast, butt and lip implants. Women should be empowered to show men that beyond the breasts, buttocks and pretty face is a mind that is an asset and not a liability. Dear African women I write this as a plea; let us define feminism and women empowerment in the right context. Let us draft a message to liberate imprisoned and abused women, but not misinterpret it to destroy the very society we are supposed to nurture…children are endeared to their mothers, because they love and care in a way no one can. Dear African woman take a stand to preserve African beauty, African culture, promote decency, be a model wife and mother, conquer in the academic/business world and wow the entire planet. Stay beautiful, stay African…Africa loves and treasures you.

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