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One day I sat for a lecture and as the lecture went on, I watched a couple of my mates constantly on their phone, IPods, and Laptops. It really was not a pleasant sight in my mind. I go back to occasions where I sat with friends and family and was alienated from them, because I was focused on my phone or computer. I remember when I just joined facebook. I actually spent more time there talking with people who really I did not know much about to notice I was alienating myself from real people. The big question is; are we humans becoming slaves to Gadgets?
How much time do you spend on social media, your phone, laptop or other gadgets? Is your commitment to unreal relationships on social media affecting your relationship with real people? Are you becoming an addict to your gadget? Gadgets are quite helpful and good, but how we use them can determine if they benefit or mar us.
I do remember a time when people actually talked to each other; and not to gadgets. I remember when families ate and talked together at the dinner table and not shared meals with a play station or laptop. I remember kids playing with each other outdoors; a good thing which kept them in shape and enhanced their communication and social skills. Today our children lie all day on the couch playing computer games; and we wonder why obesity is on the rise. What happened to men and women courting; the simple walks in the moonlight, a simple meal prepared from the heart; today it is long skype calls and gifts from Amazon. Think of someone with 2000friends on Facebook and no friend in real life.
It is time we think and adjust our lives so as much as we enjoy the convenience of our gadgets; we will not be slaves to them though. Make out time to talk with real people. Get of the computer and experience the beautiful world around you. Don’t wake up one day and realize you devoted more time to your gadgets than people who really cared about you.
God Bless!
Stay You!

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