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Have you ever studied a bacterial cell closely? A bacterial cell (prokaryotic cell) falls within 1 to 10 micrometer.  Examples of bacteria include Vibrio cholerae, Nitrobacteria, Sulfobacter, Salmonella typhi, etc.As small as the Vibrio cholerae is a careless move with hygiene can put a human at the detriment of these fellows. Microbiology has clearly proven that a majority of systems within the earth’s biosphere are run by microbes. The power within these insignificant cells is remarkable. The introduction of these organisms into biotechnology has greatly changed the world.

A human cell (eukaryote cell) falls within 10 to 100micrometers. Furthermore, the human cell is by far developed than the primitive bacteria cell and produces far more ATP (energy) than the bacterial cell. Most bacteria are unicellular with a few being multi-cellular with short chains. The human being on the other hand is multi-cellular with billion of cells arranged into tissues, organs and systems. Do the mathematics! If a microbe as small and primitive as it is has the power to move and control systems on earth, how much power can be harnessed in the smallest human being? Imagine the power.

Think of the power of every single cell in your body. We are not talking of millions of cells, we are facing billions.The lesson got by watching these microbes is that even the smallest insignificant things on earth count. Even the smallest of persons can move the world. This is no theory. This is practical reality. A human is a large mass of uncontrolled power. The greatest human weakness is that humans have not learned to will the power within them. On the contrary, the power within them wills them. When ever you are faced with an obstacle, think of the microbes; if they can survive so can you.



  1. Eating Pop corn and reading all the articles and poems here is one of my favorite things to do when i want to relax.I hope one day we will have a collection of these articles in the form of a book...God bless

  2. haha Amen to some popcorn for me


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