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                 We often honor the wrong people or may be the people we see. Do you know about giving honor to who honor is due? There are people out there I call the simple invisible hands of change. I call them like Troy Bolton in “high school musical” the “play makers” Our every day achievements will not exist if they are not around.

-         The farmer who tills the soil from dawn to dusk.

-         The hunter, diligent and patient.

-         The Clerk who knows very little but gives his work maximum devotion.

-         The truck pusher burning in the hot afternoon sun connecting the unreachable roadways to that which can be reached

-         The house maid humbly carrying out house chores.

-         The teacher who passes all he know to young diligent minds.

-         The street sweeper who loves what he does.

-         The carpenter who hammers all day.

-         The old lady who never lacks a wise word for a teenager.

-         Those people we never see or recognize
-The devoted and virtuous mother and wife
-The struggling father and provider

They do the simple things of life. They pave paths for great men to walk on. Without them these men won’t exist in the books of time. A good house, would you credit the builder or the owner? We “normally” credit the owner. Good hair-do, would we credit the hair stylist or the hair owner? He who owns the hair. We have got so used to crediting the player that we forget our simple peasant play makers.

     It will do no justice if we leave them out on the honors list. This is for the simple people. The people pushed to the back for who they are. The misfits of society. The simple people. You are not worthless; poor or rich. You are a jewel to the world, if you can handle little things, then you are capable of handling greater ones.

     Through the simple things of life, one gains experience. A farmer knows endurance. A teacher best understands patience. A clerk understands humility. A housemaid understands devotion. The old are wise. The simple people have nothing, but most people out of their globe want nothing. Every simple act has a great lesson. You are the tutor of those up there. As much as they manipulate you, you teach them how to lead. This is because in order to lead, you must follow. This makes you potential leaders. My dear simple pleasant people you are special. The world is indebted to you. You are special. You are the road paves, the path finders and foundation builders. You are light unseen. You are a remarkable shadow in the dark. The world don’t see you, but you exist. The world is what it is because of you. Keep up the great work.


  1. Wonderful to read your write ups. hope to see more. Cheers

  2. Thanks alot for you appreciation...I hope to write more as well....


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